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Welcome to Alicia Stemper Photography!

Caricatures of Alicia memorialized in college basketball team cartoons were of a tall, smiling gal with a camera around her neck. At her high school newspaper, in her undergraduate studies in English, and then during a career in social work, Alicia has long used words to reflect her observations about the world and to tell her stories. In recent years, Alicia has returned to her passion for photography. Now, exploring light and creating stories through visual images is her new lens on life.

As the photographer for the Carrboro Citizen newspaper, Alicia was able to capture a unique perspective on her beloved town. She now enjoys photographing weddings and is especially happy that North Carolina finally made marriage available to all couples. She also enjoys portraiture, headshots, event photography, and special assignments.

Alicia has an interest in promoting social justice and working with non-profit agencies. She can be reached via email at or by phone at (919) 812 4934.