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Take your Vitamins!

Orange County is a remarkable place. It’s got everything: rolling hills and cow-dotted pastures,   cutting-edge art and music, great food, a top-notch university, and vibrant festivals. It also has some of nicest, most interesting people in the country. Residents of Orange County are from all walks of life: farmers, progressives, poets and merchants and they are up to all sorts of interesting things.  

Vitamin O is  a new portrait and essay series featuring the people of Orange County. Published on social media and the county web page, each profile is a dose of Vitamin O. Enjoy!

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Alicia has long used words to reflect her observations about the world and to tell her stories. However, she was never without a camera in her younger years; this is documented in everything from photos of Girl Scout camping trips to  college basketball team caricatures, where she always had a camera around her neck.  Despite wandering away from the lenses for a time, Alicia is once again dedicated to her passion for photography. Exploring light and creating stories through visual images is her new lens on life and she loves pairing images with words. As the photographer for the Carrboro Citizen newspaper, Alicia was able to capture a unique perspective on her beloved, quirky town. She then developed Vitamin O, a photo/essay project helping visitors learn about Orange County by learning about our people. Now working professionally as the Public Information Officer for Orange County Sheriff Blackwood, she is able to merge her love of writing and photography with her careers as a crisis social worker, a mitigation investigator, and a magistrate (all "law-adjacent" fields).  In her spare time, Alicia  is available for portrait work, event photography, and special assignments. She can be reached via email at or by phone at (919) 812 4934.