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Lisa Clarke and Robin Clark have been together over 24 years. Together they  serve their community as a teacher and a police officer, and together they are raising a wonderful family. Their four children, Patrice, Regina, Chris, and Mike were an integral part of this joyful wedding, as was one of the most enthusiastic wedding committees ever assembled.  Held at Spruce Pine Lodge on a picture perfect fall day, this was a celebration to remember . Thanks to the Clark(e) family for the gift of being your photographer. Best wishes to all of you - always. 

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From the high school newspaper, to undergraduate study in English, and then a career in social work, Alicia has long used words to reflect her observations about the world and to tell her stories. However, she was never without a camera in her younger years; this is documented in everything from photos of Girl Scout camping trips to  college basketball team caricatures, where she always had a camera around her neck.  Despite wandering away for a time, Alicia is once again dedicated to her passion for photography. Exploring light and creating stories through visual images is her new lens on life and she loves pairing images with words. . As the photographer for the Carrboro Citizen newspaper, Alicia was able to capture a unique perspective on her beloved, quirky town. She continues that emphasis on highlighting her colorful community with Vitamin O, a photo/essay project helping visitors learn about our area by learning about our people. Alicia additionally enjoys shooting weddings for ALL couples and she is available for portrait work, event photography, and special assignments. Alicia has a keen interest in promoting social justice and working with non-profit agencies. She can be reached via email at or by phone at (919) 812 4934.